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May 5, 2020


ffs machine - packaging machine

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Packaging Machine (FFS Machine)

ffs machine - packaging machine

FFS Machine Overview

  • Machine Name - Form Fill & Sealing Machine (FFS)
  • Machine Category - Packaging Machine
  • FFS Machine Available Size Dimension - Approx. 6 Feet x 4 Feet x 2 Feet
  • FFS Machine Available Weight - Approx. 450 Kg.
  • FFS Machine Available Sealing Side - 1 Side, 2 Side, 3 Side, 4 Side, Center Seal.
  • FFS Machine Available Body Covering - Stainless Steel Covering (SS Covering)
  • FFS Machine Available Production Capacity - Any Capacity You Need as per Your Requirement.
ffs machine - packaging machine

FFS Machine Types

  • FFS Machine Available Product Packaging Types - Viscous Liquid, Non Viscous Liquid, Powder, Granules, Solid, Bar, Etc. Large Size Products.
  • FFS Machine Available Filling Heading Type - Single Head, Multi Head.
  • FFS Machine Available Filler Type - Head Wigher Filler, Cup Filler, Volumetric Cup Filler, Auger Filler, Weigher Filler, Pneumatic Filler, Multitrack Filler, Coller Type, Automatic Coller Type,
  • FFS Machine Available Auotmation Mode - Manual, Automatic, Semi Automatic, Full Automatic
  • FFS Machine Available Formats - Horizontal Machine, Vertical Machine, With Conveyor Belt, Without Conveyor Belt.
  • FFS Machine Available Power Types - Stabilizer 220V AC, 440V AC, Single Phase, 3 Phase, 2 KW To 10 KW.
  • FFS Machine Available Compressor Types - 6 CFM, 8 CFM, 8 BAR Air.
  • FFS Machine Available Electronics Parts - PLC, Touch Screen, Photo Cell Camera, PID Temperature Controler, Digital Temperature Controller, AC Drive For High Speed Model, Servo Motor, VFD,
  • FFS Machine Available Add On Equipments - N2 Flushing, Batch Coding System, Batch Cutting System, Die Pouch Type Cut, Bagger Model, With Out Servo Model, 4 Side Seal / Double Roll Loading,
ffs machine - packaging machine

FFS Machine Packaging Products

  • Product Filling Liquid - Water, Pepsi, Oil, Milk, Juice, Curd, in Vargin Film (LDP, HDP), Sampoo, Liquid Soap, Chatney, Achar/ Pickle, Liquid Grece, Paste, Cream, Tomato Ketchup, Kasundi / Mustared Sauce, Soya Sauce, etc. Any Type of Liquid.
  • Product Filling Granule (Cup Filler) - Tea, Namkeen, Bhujia, Chanachur, Mixture, Muri, Puffed Rice, Mug Dal, Pan Masala, All Types of Nuts,Gota Spice, Rice, Soyabari, Suji, All Types of Pulses, etc. Granules.
  • Product Filling Powder (Auger Filler) - Atta, Maida, Sattu, Besan, Powder, Spice, etc. Any Types of Powder Based Product.
  • Product Filling Granules (Weigher Filler) - Rice, Pulses, Sugar etc. All Types of Free Flow Granules.
  • Product Filling Chocolate or Candy (Auger / Weigher Filler) - All Types of Candy
  • Product Filling Solid & Comparatively Large Size Product - Chips, Kurkure, Extruded Snacks Types, Unveen Namkeen (Bhujia Mixture), Tablet, Buiscuit, Cookies, Cake, Ice Cream, Bearing, Chocolate, Switch, Soap, Any Type Bar, Toast, Cream Roll, Bread, Cream Bread, Surgical Product, Mask, Napkeen, IV Bottle, Syringe, Hand Gluves Etc.
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