False Ceiling Contractor in Kolkata

What is False Ceiling

False ceiling is secondary ceiling which is suspended below the main concrete ceiling of the room.
It's commonly worldwide used Interiors for beautification Purpose.
False Ceiling Contractor in Kolkata

Advantage of False Ceiling

Apart of beautification false ceiling have many advantages.
False ceiling work as a temperature insulator, it will protect your room from direct sunlight that’s why room will be cool in summer and warm in winter.
False ceiling will decrease your room height that’s why room air condition system will work more efficiently.
False ceiling lighting will scatter your room light, illuminating room and you can make false ceiling lighting as your wish and ideas through different type of LED lighting.
Our enlisted contractor will give you a free quotation or estimation and design ideas.
Single tray , double tray and triple tray false ceiling
False Ceiling Contractor in Kolkata

Different Types of False Ceiling

1. Plaster of Paris False (POP) Ceiling.
2. Gypsum False Ceiling.
3. Metal False Ceiling.
4. Wooden False Ceiling.
5. PVC False Ceiling.
6. Glass False Ceiling.
7. Fiber False Ceiling.
8. Synthetic leather of cloth False Ceiling.
False Ceiling Contractor in Kolkata

Advantage of False Ceiling Contractors in Kolkata Booking Through us

Instant response.
365 days service time.
Working Hours is 6 AM to 11 PM.
Lowest guaranteed competitive price.
More than 5 years warranty periods.
Unlimited Latest beautiful false ceiling design options.
Best engineering support and Knowledge.
Best Material used.
False Ceiling Contractor in Kolkata

False Ceiling Cost Per Square Feet in Kolkata

False ceiling rate and cost is depend on the false ceiling material and fixing charges.
Its around approx starting range 30/- Rupees to 90/- Rupees per square feet area in kolkata.
False Ceiling cost is depends on what type of material used and your square feet area.
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