1. Wedding is a very much memorable event in every persons life, We know that its true for you also. Tai apni nischoi chaiben na ate kono bhul truti hok jate sara jiboner jonye afsosh hoi and apni etake sara jiboner jonye memorable korte chaiben. Ei chinta thekei wedding planner concept world e asche. Jate every moment of wedding khub bhalo bhabe sompurno hoi. 2. Before last two decades there have no any any wedding planners and event managers concept, because family member rai sob kichu daitto nie korto. Even caterere bole sebhabe kichu chilu na, barir lokerai sob kichu korto. But in this busy world wedding planner, event manager, caterer are very important for every event specially marriage because your family member, relatives and friends have no time in these busy world. 3. Major reason and importance of wedding planner is they will control and operate your event as per your budget. You can fix your budget as per your limit and capacity. 4. Maximum people think that wedding planner are very expensive and its only for rich people marriage but Its absolutely wrong. Wedding planners are cheaper than you, because you have no any market rate idea and they are expert in these field. They have idea, experience and knowledge of everything in marriage or weddings. 5. If you have any budget (it might be from 1 lakh to 1 billion in Indian currency ) tell them they as per your budget and requirement they will planed your wedding. 6. Wedding planner price Either they will charge a service charge or they will take a commission in every purchase and deal as per your choice. ………..