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We are regulator and controller of every professional Dog trainer. Our enlisted and verified registered associate Dog trainer will not charge you exceeds more than standard market rate. Dog trainer in Kolkata-

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• Dog trainer or dog groomer will trained your dog, puppy with different scientific and innovative mode. • You can send your dog in dog training school or you can call expert dog trainer in your home. • Through scientific Dog training dog trainer can build strong dog owner and dog relationship. • Dog training can create communication, mutual respect, understanding, efficiency, agility, obedience, control of your dog. • There have many dog trainer, boarding kennel, dog training school but all are not use modern technique and equipment. • Dog training way is different for Different purpose. e.g police dog trainer trained their dog for obedience, personal guarding, attacking for protection work, narcotics and explosive search, patrolling, and on the other side personal dog training most popular reason is obedience, security, watch keeping, surveillance and control. • In different kind of training dog trainer will use their different technique. • Dog training is a behavior analysis and changes method. • According to dog breed training mode will be different. • Dog trainer either will charged either daily basis or contractual basis. Bothe cases charged will be starting from 500 indian rupees per day ti 2000 indian rupees per day. Depending on the dog breed and training quality and purpose.


• You can hire police dog trainer also but they will charged approx 2000 rs, per day.
May 5, 2020

Dog Trainers in Kolkata

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