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Worldonindia Catering Service

1. Instant response.
2. 365 days service time.
3. Caterers Working Hours is Morning 6 AM to Midnight 1 PM.
4. Lowest guaranteed competitive price.
5. More Than 1000 Menu Options.
6. EMI Option Available.
7. More than 1000 Enlisted Caterers in Your City.
8. Free Menu Idea As Per Your Requirement With Quotation.
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Different Types of Catering Services List

As per your Following Below Important Facts You Can Select Catering Service -
@ Event Hall or Banquet Hall Premises Area
@ Your Number of Invited Guests
@ Your Menu List
@ Your Event Timing
@ Your Budget
@ Your Event Types

You Can Choose One or Both or More Than One From Below Following Catering Service Types or Formats :-

Different Types Of Catering Events List

@ In India as Per Religion, Language, Community, Rituals, Geographical Area, Industrialization More Than 1000 Types of Categorical Events Happend in India.
@ Depend on Your Religion, Language, Community, Geographical Area, Rituals, Financial Status, Budget We will Recommend You a Caterers who will be expert as per your Requirements.
@ Every Caterers have their Specialization and Expertise area in different events.
@ Few Popular Below Events & Caterers Regularly Happend in India.

List of Catering Events -

1. Corporate Caterers
2. Wedding Caterers
3. House Warming Caterers ( Grihoprobesh )
4. Thread Ceremony ( Paite )
5. First Rice ( Annaprasan )
6. Birth Day Party Caterers
7. Pre Wedding Ceremony Caterers ( Aiburobhat )
8. Marriage Anniversary
9. Worship (Puja)
10. Indoor Caterers
11. Outdoor Caterers
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Caterers Per Plate Cost or Rate

@ There have more than 1,000 catering service provider company in kolkata are enlisted with us.
@ as per there service experience, service quality , staff, review and rating , food quality , all basis of analysis of information we have a strong database.
@ we will inform you free of cost all types of help.
@ caterering per plate cost fully depends on your requirements.
@you can control this per plate cost.
@ per plate cost will depend on these following parameteres your shortlisted menu, food quality, service quality, quantity, caterer brand value, service staff per day wages etc.
@ In kolkata per plate catering traditional menu cost is depends around minimum Rupees 199/- to Rupees 1000/- average.
@ In case of veg menu it will be average 199/- Rupees tp 250/- for traditional veg menu per plate cost in kolkata.
@ In case of non-veg menu per plate cost will be average Rupees 299/- to Rupees 350/- for traditional non-veg menu.
@ Many caterers in kolkata will charged their commission or service charge either on per plate basis or on including total service value.
@ In case of per plate cost caterers will charge Rupees 49/- per plat to 99/- Rupeesdepending on the service and brand value ( In average its Rupees 59/- per plate cost ).

Catering Service Menu Cards

Menu Card is Most Important for any Events. Most of the Caterers will charged menu card rate including your selected Package. If You want you can Print its Separately as Per Your Choice. It will create your Image.

Different Events Menu Cards is Different.
1. Wedding Menu Card
2. Corporate Event Menu Cards
3. Birth Day Party Menu Card
Caterers Service Hostess - Crew ImageI

Catering Hostess or Stewards

1. All Hostess or Steward will be Either Boys or Girls or Both as Per Event and Catering Types requirements.
2. All Hostess or Stewards will be with good communication skills in english, Hindi and Bengali.
3. Depending on event types and specially for Corporate events all Hostess or Stewards will be Hotel Management and Hospitality Management Trained.

1) Red Waist Coat, With White Shirt, Black Bow Tie & Black Trousers
2) Chef’s Uniform.
3) Black Suit, White Shirt with Black Tie & Black Trousers
4) Traditional Bengali Dhuti Kurta.
5) Airlines Cabin Crew Uniform (Airhostess)
Beverage Image in Caterer Menu

List of Beverage Items in Catering Menu

1. Mocktail
2. Fruit Juice ( Mango / Pineapple / Orange / Grapes / Mousumbi / Watermelon )
3. Lassi
4. Ghole
5. Thandai
6. Jeera Pani
7. Cold Drinks
8. Mango Panna (Ampora Sarbot)
9. Shake ( Vanilla / Milk / Strawberry / Chocolate / Icecream / Mango )
10. Blossom ( Pineapple / Strawberry / Mango)
11. Blue Lagoon
12. Badam Pista Malai Sarbat
13. Rainbow
14. Squash
15. Pink Lady
16. Lime Water
17. Coffee ( Espresso / Malai / Butter / Cream / Cold )
18. Tea ( Plain / Kesari / Herbal / Milk / Lemon )
19. Soup ( Chicken / Vegetable / Tomato / Sweetcorn / Chicken Sweet Corn / Noodles )
Street Foods Image

List of Street Foods Items in Catering Menu

1. Fuchka/ Pani Puri
2. Aloo Chat
3. Aloo Kabli
4. Ghugni
5. Papri Chat
6. Dahi Vada
7. Bhelpuri
8. Momo ( Steamed / Fried / Veg / Chicken )
9. Idly
10. Dhosa
11. Roll (Egg /Chicken / Paneer / Mutton / Veg)
12. Spring Roll (Veg / Chicken / Mutton)
13. Mughlai Pratha
14. Chowmin (Egg/ Veg/ Chicken/Mutton)
Caterer Appetizer image

List of Appetizer Items in Catering Menu

1. Veg Pakora
2. Chicken Pakora
3. Chicken Reshmi Kabab
4. Chicken Loly Pop
5. Paneer Pakora
6. Fish Pakora
7. Fish Ball
8. Fish Fry
9. Fish Fry
10. Fish Pakora
11. Fish Panjabi
12. Fish Tikia
13. Prawn Pakora
14. Mixed Veg Pakora
15. Cheese Ball
16. Baby Corn
17. Vegetable Chop
18. Egg Devil/chop
19. French Fry
20. Finger Chips
21. Paneer Loly Pop
22. Veg Samosa
23. Chicken Samosa
24. Mutton Samosa
25. Mini Dry Kachuri
26. Salted Dry Fruits ( Kaju / Akhrot / Almond)
Handmade Bread Menu Catering Image

List of Hand Made Bread Items in Catering Menu

1. Tandoor Roti
2. Romali Roti
3. Nan Puri
4. Peas Kachuri
5. Radhaballavi
6. Luchi
7. Batora
8. Butter Nan
9. Baby Nan
10. Panir Nan
11. Kima Nan
12. Masala Kulcha
13. Belma Kulcha
14. Amritsari Kulcha
15. Atta Roti
16. Puran Puri
17. Club Kachuri
18. Hing Kachuri
19. Methi Paratha
20. Alu Paratha
21. Lacha Paratha
22. Tawa Paratha
23. Reshmi Paratha
24. Hariwali Rumali
25. Mishi Roti
26. Dal Puri
Dal Image CMP 592X290

List of Dal Items in Catering Menu

1. Cholar Dal
2. Ghugni
3. Beuli Dal
4. Moong Dal
5. Chole
6. Masur Dal
7. Chana Masala
8. Dal Makhani
9. Rajma
10. Tur Dal
11. Tak Dal
Rice Image CMP 592x290

List of Rice Items in Catering Menu

1. Plain Rice
2. Peas Pullao
3. Corn Pullao
4. Vegetable Pullao
5. Vegetable Byrinai
Fish Menu Image

List of Fish Items in Catering Menu

1. Fried Fish
2. Fish Roll
3. Fish Colbert
4. Fish Batter Fry
5. Fish Paturi
6. Fish Meuniere
7. Fish Orly
8. Fish Pasinda
9. Fish Chop
10. Fish Amritsari
11. Fish Tandoori
12. Patrani machi
13. Chilly Fish
14. Fish Kabiraji
15. Hilsa / Illish Paturi
16. Topsey Fry
17. Prawn Cutlet
18. Fish Kalia
19. Fish Masala
20. Pabda
21. Fish Dum Pista
22. Steamed Hilsa
23. Doi Hilsa/Illish
24. Fish Begum Bahar
25. Pabda Jhal
26. Parsey Jhal
27. Fish in Tomato
28. Doi Pona
29. Chitol Peti
30. Fish Dum Pokto
31. Sarson Pabda
32. Chitol Macher Muitha
33. Prawn Jhlfreizi
34. Prawn Malai Curry
35. Dab Chingri
36. Tel Koi
37. Chingri Macher Bati Charchari
Biryani Images

List of Biryani Items in Catering Menu

1. Veg Byriani
2. Egg Byriani
3. Prawn Byriani
4. Fish Byriani
5. Illish Byriani
6. Hyderbadi Byriani
7. Chicken Byriani
8. Mutton Byriani
9. Pork Byriani
10. Lamb Byriani
Chicken Images

List of Chicken Items in Catering Menu

1. Chicken Kasa
2. Butter Chicken
3. Chicken Korma
4. Kadai Chicken
5. Chicken Achari
6. Murg Makhanee
7. Chicken Tikka Masala
8. Chicken Bhuna
9. Dhania Chicken
10. Chicken Chaap
11. Chicken Jalfrezi
12. Chicken Kebab Masala
13. Malai Chicken
14. Methi Chicken
15. Chicken Rogan Josh
16. Murg Masala
17. Drumstick Chicken Butter Masala
18. Chicken Rezala
19. Chilli Chicken
20. Chicken Manchurian
21. Chicken Bharta
Mutton Image CMP 592X290

List of Mutton Items in Catering Menu

1. Mutton Kasa
2. Mutton Korma
3. Palak Mutton Ofta Curry
4. Keema Curry
5. Lamb Jalfrezi
6. Meat Masala
7. Mutton Rezala
8. Palak Keema
9. Mutton Kofta
10. Kadai Mutton
11. Achari Mutton
12. Mutton Rogan Josh
13. Bhuna Mutton
14. Mutton Khada Masala
Chutney Image CMP 592X290

List of Chutney in Catering Menu

1. Mango Chutney
2. Pineapple Chutney
3. Assorted Pickles
4. Dhania Chutney
5. Plastick Chutney
6. Mixed Chutney
7. Mint Chutney
8. Seasonal Mixed Fruit Chutney

List of Desserts in Caterers Menu

1. Pistachio Kulfi
2. Gajar Halwa
3. Daal Halwa
4. Rusgulla
5. Ras Malai
6. Gulab Jamun
7. Mango Ice Cream
8. Saffron Cheesecake
9. Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake
10. Mango Mouse Cake
11. Mocha Mousse Cake
Ice Cream Images

List of Ice Creams in Caterers Menu


May 5, 2020
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Ganguly Caterer Kolkata

May 5, 2020

Royal Cook Caterer Kolkata

May 5, 2020
Black Dimaond Caterer Rajarhat New Town Kolkata

Black Diamond Caterer Kolkata

May 5, 2020
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Anjali Caterer Kolkata

February 13, 2019

Caterers in Kolkata

List Of Recommended-Suggested Menu

1Veg Bengali Cuisine Caterers Menu 1
@ This Menu is Suitable For : -
# Housewarming or Griho Probesh # Birthday Party or Jonmodin # saad # Aiburobhat # Small Events # Annaprashan # Paite # Get Together # Puja
1. Steamed Rice
2. Shukto
3. Begun Bhaja
4. Mug Dal
5. Jhuri Aloo bhaja
6. Phulcopyr Torkari
7. Dhokar dalna
8. Paneer masala
9. Chatni
10. Payesh
11. Rosogolla
12. Sandesh
13. Pan
2Non Veg Bengali Cuisine Catering Menu 1
@ This Menu is Suitable For : -
# Housewarming or Griho Probesh # Birthday Party or Jonmodin # saad # Aiburobhat # Small Events # Annaprashan # Paite # Get Together #

1. Basmati Rice
2. Begun or Alu Fry
3. Sona Mung Dal
4. Dhokar Dalna
5. Chicken Kasha
6. Chutney
7. Papad
8. Mishti

Frequently Ask Question on Caterers

1How can i select one good caterer?

2What is caterers booking process?
3How Can I Check Review and Rating of Caterers?
# All Review and Rating of Caterers are stored in our server.
# We collect review rating from users through Human involvement and it will analysed on AI based .
# You can check caterers review and rating. for review and rating Just call us.
# Note:
1. All Caterers enlisted in our verified and genuine according to Positive 1 star to 5 star ratings. a Positive reviews.
2. All Review and Rating will be provided on 4 Signal Color On Quality and Service Descending Orders below. -
3. If we found that any caterers food delivery operators unprofessional Behavioral activity, Quantity and Quality Objection we will Blacklist them as per our Guidelines.
4. For More Details regarding Review and rating Just Call us.
4What can i select good menu for my event?
5How Can I Negotiate with Caterers in Rates?
1. Per Plate cost of Caterers depends on Menu, Event Type, Event Date, Quality, Quantity. Caterers Brand Value, Hostess and Crew, Service Type and Many other parallel parameters. that's why Per Plate Rate or Cost is depend on the Caterers to Caterers. No Specific Rate are there.
2. For Negotiation Process Tell us Your Detail Requirements and some Choice of Menu you want, Event Type, Catering Service Type, depending on this parameters we will give you an Minimum and Maximum Rates Idea and Suggestion Regarding Catering Services.
3. All caterers Per Plate Cost on Same Menu is almost same and you will get only 10% to 20% Difference on Caterers Rates.
4. As per Your requirement we will forward your details Concerned shortlisted Caterers and they will send you detail Menu suggestion with Quotation via Message in your Whats app no.
6Are advance booking is mandatory for booking catering service?
7Why i will choose for finding a best caterers?
8What important factors behind while booking catering service?
9Do Caterer Offers Food Taste Option Before Booking?
10Are Return Gift Mandatory For Event?
11How We Can Help You
Welcome worldonindia,com, if you are finding best or top caterers in all cities including metrocities kolkata, delhi, mumbai, chennai, village of remote areas then its a right platform of you.after deeply analysis of your invitation guest number, menu lists preference, service quantity , your occassion location, service quality standard, your community, religion, socio economic value, language speaking belt you belongs, cultureand specially your budget we will suggest you the best caterers in kolkata.Note that :We are not service provider of catering service of any other related service. we ar consultant engine. we will only consult you not recommendatio as per your requirement. we are not promoter and we will not promote any catering brand or catering companies. we will consult you as per not only your requirements but also caterers companies experience, service area, service quality, staff profile, food quality, foods tasty or not, review and ratings basis. you will get genuine review and ratings of every catering companies not artificially generated.there have more than 5,000 catering service provider in all over India are enlisted with us as as a associate partners. we have every catering service provider track per your requirement and as per our experience we will only suggest or consult you regarding every matter of catering.selection process fully depends on you.Don't worry we will help you free of costs we will not charge anything from the time booking you will get big discount on service. we are always with you from the start to end of your programme completion.Before take any decision must consult with us and read carefully these below points. it will helps you to take decision.we will provide all information regarding cost , service standard and regarding all mattaers. VEG CATERERS NON VEG CATERERS we will help you to find best and quality, budget caterers in kolkata as per your requirement.
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