If you are planning to repair or service air conditioner (AC) you should know about ac, ac working principle and its common failure. Otherwise ac repair technician will cheat you. • There are commonly six types of ac in the commonly used in the world. Window Air conditioner, Split Air Conditioner, Cassette Air Conditioner, Centralize Air Conditioner, Vertical Air conditioner. • Window air conditioner (AC) repair service: • Split air conditioner (AC) repair service: • Cassette air conditioner (AC) repair service: • Centralize air conditioner (AC) repair service: • Air Conditioner Gas refilling: Most frequent major ac problem is AC Gas or refrigerant’s (which scientifically known as Freon) is level goes down due to any leakage or any other machinery failure. This AC gas is principal chemical agent which is responsible to cooling your room. Gas recharge or refilling is a temporary solution, if there have any leakage or any other failure please check it and maintain it by a experience and good trustable AC technician for permanent solution. For AC gas related any problem just missed call us on 90-8888-444-9 or submit your enquiry or details in above enquiry form. • Air Conditioner remote are not working: How you will check that your ac remote are not working. At first check ac remote battery if it’s ok then on your mobile phone camera and focus it on ac remote front side mini bulb which is known as infrared diode. If your ac remote are in good condition then you will see a red light on your mobile phone camera. If you didn’t see any light then just missed call us on 90-8888-444-9. We will help you at free of cost. • Air Conditioner condenser are not working: • Air Conditioner filter is full of dust: Your ac filter will be full of dust frequently that’s why you will not get any air blow from your air conditioner properly. • Air Conditioner water leaking and freezing problem: If your AC has water leakage, freezing, frost and ice generating problem then it will create a serious problem. If there has any frost or ice on the AC coils or you hear noises like clunking, rattling, squealing, grinding or any other unusual sounds turn off the AC immediately and call a AC technician. • Are you finding these below AC Service centre contact no, address or customer care no - Voltas ac service centre – Samsung AC service centre – LG AC service centre – whirlpool AC service centre – Lloyd AC service centre – Toshiba AC service centre – Hitachi AC service centre – Blue Star AC service centre • Air Conditioner Installation: • Normally a AC lasting around 12 to 15 years. If your AC is older than 15 years then we will suggest you to replace it in lieu of new one, otherwise this old ac will consume your two ac’s price. • Before purchasing ac you can take our free consultation. Purchase Always star rating air conditioner and inverter air conditioner for electric bill saving. • For speedy and responsive best or top, budget, trustable ac technician and engineer just missed call us.